Mattress cleaning services

Mattresses collect a considerable amount of dust, allergens and odours. Elia cleaning provides professional care.
Upholstery cleaning cost
armchair cleaning – before and after the upholstery cleaning service
We provide the same high quality of our professional upholstery cleaning service to all our customers in Oxford,Oxfordshire and London.The price for professional sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning services depends on the number and size of the pieces to be cleaned. Call us now for your personal quote and let our cleaners do their magic on your favourite piece of furniture.
Ask about our special protective Scotchgard™ treatment to keep your furniture clean and stain-free longer.
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Our prices for upholstery cleaning services


Armchair £28
Two seater sofa £55
Three seater sofa £82
L- shaped 4 seater sofa £108
Office chair £8
Double Mattress £31
King Size Mattress £38 5 clear benefits of having your upholstery professionally cleaned

1. Greater chance of removing stains, soil and odour. Cleaning a stain the wrong way may fix it and make it permanent.
2. No need to look for suitable cleaners and stain removers (and possibly pick the wrong one). The machines and detergents we use are professional and industrial grade and our specially-trained and certified experts always know which one to use.
3. Professional cleaning services are faster and more efficient and give you time for more pleasant or more important tasks and activities.
4. Professional upholstery cleaning may be cheaper than you think. Just calculate points 1 to 3.
5. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our cleaners are covered by public liability insurance.
Upholstery sofa cleaning by Elia cleaning.
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Professional cleaning for really clean and health risk-free furniture


The fabric of upholstered furniture has a pleasant look and feel, but it also tends to collect microscopic dirt which is a beneficial environment for harmful microorganisms. The usual hoovering or wiping with a wet cloth cannot clean deeply or handle bad odour or pathogens. The polens, mould, bacteria, and allergens in your upholstery, mattresses and curtains can only be removed by a professional cleaning company using specialized cleaning equipment and detergents. Elia cleaning is the cleaning company near you, providing top-end professional sofa and soft furniture cleaning at a reasonable price.