Residential & Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Before after upholstery cleaning of chair by Elia Cleaning in Oxford, Oxfordshire, and london, uk before after upholstery cleaning of sofa by Elia Cleaning in Oxford,Oxfordshire,and London.

Ever had a few guests over, only to have them leave spills and stains all over your prized furniture? Or maybe you’ve raised a few kids, and your furniture shows it? We’re sure you know that upholstery stains don’t just look bad, they can smell pretty bad too – even after all that rubbing, scrubbing and spraying to try to get them out. There’s no need to worry about those stains or odours anymore when you hire Elia Cleaning to lift those stains right out! 

Thanks to our investment in education and years of experience, we know how to treat even the most stubborn of stains and odours. If it’s covered in fabric, we can clean it. After we leave, you probably won’t remember the stain was ever there; it’ll be so fresh and clean! You can even comfortably have people over again without worrying about stains by checking out our upholstery protectant services.


Stop staring at those stains with disdain, and contact  Elia Cleaning today!


                     100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE


Ela Cleaning is proud to say we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because your satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re not happy with the job we did, we’ll come back at your earliest convenience to rectify it to the best of our abilities.                AREA RUG CLEANING

We don’t just do wall-to-wall carpet, we can take care of the same stubborn stains and odours on your prized area rugs – no matter the material. Our expertly trained technicians carry an arsenal of cleaning solutions to suit the exact needs of your special area rug.




Never worry about having guests over or your kids or pet making a mess again. We have an array of fabric protectants and fire retardants for all of your fabric covered furniture and area rugs.




water resistant upholstery and rug protectant by Elia Cleaning in Oxford, Oxfordshire and London.